The call for proposals for Lilly-Asheville 2020 is OPEN and has been extended to April 30th.


Click here to submit a proposal.


Please note: You will receive an automatic email with a link to your proposal upon submission. Proposals will be sent for review after the call closes and responses will be sent to presenters by May 10th.

We encourage you to submit a proposal but no more than 2 proposals per presenter will be considered. To be accepted, presentations must:

  • Demonstrate scholarly teaching

  • Build upon a foundation of published literature or include original data

  • Be applicable across disciplines

  • Have stated learning objectives

  • Include active learning exercises/guided participation of the audience, if requesting greater than a 20-minute session

  • Be non-commercial


Proposal Questions

As you develop your proposal, we suggest that you create your draft submission in a word file and be prepared to provide the following:


  • Contact Info
    Name, institution, department, academic rank, business address, work telephone, and email for yourself and co-presenter(s)


  • Identify which track your proposal best fits 
    Academic Success; Inclusive Classrooms; Communities of Learners; ; Effective Online/Hybrid Environments; Emerging Educational Technologies; Motivating and Engaging Learners; STEM; or Other


  • Title (maximum of 10 words)


  • 25-Word Summary
    Please summarize your presentation in 25 words. This summary will appear in conference program.


  • Abstract (maximum 100 words)
    If accepted following blind peer-review, this abstract appears the conference program. Please be sure the abstract is free of reference to author(s), institution/company, city/state, or your country.


  • Presentation Outcomes
    List three Learner-Centered Outcomes that describe what conference participants will gain by attending your session. Outcomes should complete the following statement: "At the end of this session, participants will be able to:...." These will appear in the conference program.


  • Session Description (maximum of 500 words)
    Please elaborate on the content of your presentation. This information will be used during the peer-review process to more accurately judge your proposed presentation. Consider detailing the proposed presentation using a timeline to outline the presentation experience. Alternatively, provide more narrative to enrich the reviewers’ understanding of your proposed presentation.elaborate on the content of your presentation.


  • Presentation Activities (required for 50-minute sessions)
    How will you engage session participants during the session? If you are planning to present a 50-minute concurrent session, you must select two strategies from the list that you will use to engage participants. (Question and Answer; Think-Pair-Share; Brain Storming; Lecture Wrappers; Problem-Based Learning or Team-Based Learning; Case Study; Buzz Groups; Jigsaw; Gaming; 3-2-1 Process; Webquest)


  • References
    Please list references from published literature that supports the core content you wish to present. (References cited do not have to be published works of the presenter but rather include the references that serve as the foundation of the work to be presented.)


  • Session Format
    60-minute concurrent, 30-minute concurrent, 30-minute round table discussion, and poster presentation

Please note that once you have written your proposal, abstract, and description, it takes about 15 minutes to complete the online submission by entering your contact information, co-presenter information, and cut/paste your proposal into the dialogue boxes.


Thank you to our proposal reviewers that take time out of their very busy schedules to help us make programming decisions.


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