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The 2024 Call for Proposals is Closed.
Thank you to those who submitted your work for consideration.
Thank you to our reviewers for making difficult programming decisions. 

We are very excited about the program and look forward to coming together in August.

Call for Proposals.png

Preparing a Proposal for ITLC Lilly  


Presenter Information: 

  • Lead Presenter's Name and Email

  • Email for each Co-presenter (separated by commas)

Session Information: 

  • Title (strictly limited to 10 words) using Title Caps followed by each presenter and affiliation 

  • Institutional logo (PNG square image 300x300)

  • 3 Key Terms to describe your session

  • 25 Word Key Statement (Mini-Abstract or "Elevator Pitch")

Session Details: 

  • Full Abstract (100 words max., avoid identifiers) 

  • 3 Learner-Centered Outcomes ​​

  • Session Timeline/Outline (How will your content be presented across your session time allotted?)

  • Track/Subtheme (select two): 

    • Assessment (formative/summative/program)

    • Classroom Community/Culture

    • Course/Curriculum (Re)Design

    • Experiential Learning: e.g., storytelling, narratives, experiments, service learning

    • Fostering Student Practice: e.g., Interleaving, Retrieval strategies

    • Grading/Providing Feedback to students

    • Indirect Instruction: e.g., reflective discussion, problem-solving, writing to inform, concept mapping

    • Instructional Methods: e.g., case studies, simulations, inquiry cooperative learning, collaborative learning

    • Instructional Skills: e.g., developing syllabus, presenting, facilitating discussions, class culture

    • Interactive Instruction: e.g., jigsaw, debates, panels,

    • Online/Hybrid/Hyflex Instruction

    • Resiliency/Self-care/Mindfulness

    • Technology in the Classroom

    • UDL DEI

    • Other

  • Engaged Learning Strategy (Select 2 -- 40-Minute Sessions ONLY) 

    • ​Anonymous Cards

    • Case Study

    • Concept Map

    • Gallery Walk

    • Generate a List

    • Jigsaw

    • Lecture Wrapper

    • Minute Paper

    • Passing Notes

    • Question/Answer

    • Storytelling

    • Text a Friend

    • Think-Pair-Share

    • Visible Classroom Opinion Poll

    • 3-2-1 Process


  • 3-5 Publications that serve as the underpinnings of your presentation (APA Style) 


Please Note

Presenters vs Authors
It is our policy to list only presenters on conference materials rather than authors. If you wish to give credit to co-authors for their work, you may include a line in the abstract that says the work was done in collaboration with them.


Presenters Must Register
As this is a self-funded event and presenters make up such a large percentage of the group, we do require all presenters to register and pay the registration fee. Any presenter/co-presenter not registered will not be listed on conference materials.


Attending the Conference
Lilly Conferences are committed to creating events that build community among its participants. In order to accomplish this, presenters are encouraged to participate in the whole conference, sharing with and learning from one another.


If at any point after your proposal is submitted you realize you will no longer be able to present, please do let us know so that we can make appropriate programming decisions.  If you need to cancel AFTER the program is assembled, again, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may offer the spot to proposals on the waitlist; as your session has already been reviewed, you will be able to defer it to a future Lilly event.

Peer Review

All proposals undergo blind review by faculty from institutions across the United States and abroad. All names and references to the presenter's institutions are removed; blinded proposals are then sent to volunteer reviewers with an evaluation rubric. Reviewers make the recommendation that proposals should either be accepted as submitted,  accepted with revisions, accepted but presented in a different format than the author requested, or denied. We greatly value the contribution that the blind review process makes in conference presentation selections and the subsequent program development.


Thank you to our proposal reviewers that take time out of their very busy schedules to help us make programming decisions.


Posted Materials

It is our practice to publish a conference program with the session title,  Key Statement, Keywords, abstract, and learning outcomes. We do not publish a conference proceedings. It is our intent that presenters will be recognized for their scholarly contribution through the archived posting of their peer-reviewed abstract and presenting material at an interdisciplinary conference. Additionally, limiting the publication to abstracts only allows the author(s) to then submit the complete work for publication in an appropriate journal or online format. 

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