A Hybrid Conference Experience

 We at ITLC Lilly Conferences value you. We appreciate your commitment to student learning and your trust in the ITLC Lilly community. We look forward to sharing, discussing, and critiquing pedagogy with you to improve our professional selves and bring about greater student learning.  


Education continues to transform to meet student needs as we face and manage COVID-19.  As scholars, we have much to learn and share.  In August, we plan to bring our community of scholars together to convene using a hybrid conferencing model. Programming will include synchronous and asynchronous programming. We will also adhere to public standards and health safety recommendations to hold an in-person meeting, with limited capacity for onsite participation.  


At this time, we are confirming plenary presenters and developing the program. The call for proposals is open now through April 30th.  You may indicate your preference to pre-record an asynchronous presentation either 20 minutes or 40 minutes in length, or you may choose to request delivering your 20 or 40-minute presentation on-site (limited openings to be determined).  We also welcome poster presentations to be exhibited in the virtual poster gallery.


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