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ITLC Lilly-Asheville

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See What It's All About...

Welcome to the Poster Reception 

Your experience has already begun!

Aug 8 | 11:00AM

Asheville, NC

As a “flipped” poster session, it’s important for attendees of the poster reception to familiarize themselves with the topics being presented before the reception begins.


The reception is a chance to dive into topics of interest, rather than hear “elevator pitches.” By visiting this page, you have already taken the first steps!

How to Prepare

Read the presentation description, listen to the presenters describe their work, and view the actual poster. Take notes and jot down thoughts to share with the presenter or questions you’d like to ask.


What to Expect

At the poster session, each poster display is designated

by the following:

  • tent card listing the poster title and presenter name(s)

  • tabletop display of the poster

  • QR Code for the digital poster gallery

  • the poster presenter

Why This Format

Use this time together to support your peers and learn from one another as we discuss a broad range of topics, share resources, and encourage future scholarly activities!

Presenters will be stationed throughout the space, ready to share their work and engage in conversation with you! Go at your own pace, guided by the work you have already done in the online gallery.

Posters are sorted A-Z by lead presenter's last name.

Click "Read More" to view a poster and listen to the author(s) speak.

Making a Difference Together


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