Michelle Bartlet

North Carolina State University

Poster A

Faculty Perceptions of Coping with Stressors in the Workplace

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Poster B

Alison Barton

East Tennessee State University

Guided Inquiry v. Videos in Online Learning: Mindset Matters

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Christie Cavanaugh

University of North Carolina Greensboro

Poster C

Maximizing Student Success: Incorporating UDL Principles in Higher Education Classrooms

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Cavanaugh_UDL in Higher Ed_ITC Asheville
Poster D

Jeremy Chandler

University of Tennessee Knoxville

Engaging the Sense of Touch in the Classroom

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Angela Clauson

Belmont University

Poster E

Using an Audio Interview to Expose Pharmacy Students to Other Health Professionals

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Clauson.Using an audio interview to expo
Sci_Info Literacy Online Discussions - F
Poster F

Emily Faulconer

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Scientific and Information Literacy in Online Discussion Forums 

00:00 / 00:15

Lori Gray

Western Michigan University

Poster G

Contemplative Pedagogy in the Classroom: Mindfulness Curriculum for Undergraduate Students

Poster H

William Hooper

Belmont University

The Teaching Transaction: New Approaches to an Old Problem 

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Ignizio.Bio Pic 800x800.jpg

Graham Ignizio

Metro State University Denver

Poster I

Spanish Conversation and the Non-Traditional Student: Community-Based Learning at the Urban University

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K.Lambert.Lilly Conference Poster Streng
Poster J

Kristin Lambert

University of St. Thomas

Utilizing a Patchwork Text Approach to Strengthen Students' Professional Identity 

00:00 / 00:39

Rhonda Lanning

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Poster K

Supporting the Childbearing Family: An Interdisciplinary Service-Learning Approach to Education  

00:00 / 01:25
Lanning Lilly Conference Service-learnin
Patel.LILLY Poster Khushi.png
Poster L

Khushi Patel

Clemson University

Increasing the Yield in STEM: How Students Connect Numbers and Concepts

00:00 / 01:23

Mark Rowe

Ohio University

Poster M

Active Learning and Collaboration Using Miro's Online Whiteboard

Poster N

Moriah Smother & John Smothers

University of Southern Indiana

Applying the SCARF Model

to Coaching Pedagogy

00:00 / 00:43

April Tallant

Western Carolina University

Poster O

Assessing Learning: The Case for Case Study Exams

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Poster P

Gordon Taub

The University of Central Florida

Cognitive Capacity's Impact on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 

Gordon Taub

The University of Central Florida

Poster Q

Incorporating SoTL Strategies to Improve Students' Legal and Ethical Knowledge

Poster R

Andrew Vinal

Wake Tech Community College

Utilizing 3D Printed Protein Models Enhanced with Augmented Reality for Student Engagement 

00:00 / 03:45

Student Designed Mnemonics and Picmonics for Ethical Decision Making


Jacqueline Williams

North Carolina A&T State University

Poster S
00:00 / 01:16
Poster T

James Woods

Johnson and Wales University

Evaluation of Generation Z's Learning Preferences 

00:00 / 01:29

Baby Booms to Gen Z Culture: Changing Teaching Persona


H. Lyn Miles

University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Poster U