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2017 Poster Award Winner


Poster: Increasing Student Interactions with Learning Objectives 


Presenter: Emily Faulconer - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University



This presentation outlines strategies to encourage students to meaningfully engage with the learning objectives through self-reflection and metacognition.


While educators recognize benefits of both developing strong student learning objectives and communicating them clearly, existing literature offers little guidance in methods to meaningfully engage with learning objectives. To fill this important gap in the literature, this research presents teaching strategies to achieve this meaningful interaction. The influence of implementing these strategies on student opinions regarding learning objectives were measured using a survey. Because pre-implementation opinions were already high, no statistically significant influence was found. However, student opinions may not be the best measure of the impact of these strategies; a future study will investigate the influence on content mastery.


Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to increase student awareness of student learning objectives.

  • Engage students with student learning objectives through self-reflection and metacognition.

  • Guide students in connecting student learning objectives to course activities and deliverables.

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