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Event Overview

Check back in early May for more 2020 details

A schedule, abstracts, and list of accepted presenters will be posted after the Call for Proposals closes and the review process is complete. The schedule will include 3 plenary presentations, 60 & 30 minute concurrent presentations, round table discussions, and poster reception.


Draft Schedule Overview

This schedule is a draft and subject to change

Monday, August 5th

9:00a - 9:35a     Welcome & Opening Plenary Address
9:55a- 10:45a    50-minute concurrents
11:00a-11:50a   50-minute concurrents
12:05p-12:30p   25-minute concurrents
12:30p -1:15p    Lunch (provided)
1:15p - 2:30p     Plenary Presentation
2:45p - 3:35p     50-minute concurrents
3:55p - 4:20p     25-minute concurrents
4:35p - 5:25p     50-minute concurrents
5:30p - 6:30p     Poster Reception

Tuesday, August 6th

8:00a - 8:45a     Breakfast (provided)
8:45a - 9:15a     Round Table Discussions
9:30a -10:20a    50-minute concurrents
10:35a-11:25a   50-minute concurrents
11:40a-12:05p   25-minute concurrents
12:05p -1:00p    Lunch (provided)
1:00p - 1:50p     50-minute concurrents
2:05p - 2:30p     25-minute concurrents
2:45p - 4:00p     Plenary Presentation


Wednesday, August 7th
8:00a - 8:30a     Breakfast (provided)
8:30a -10:30a    Closing Workshop

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