2022 Plenary Presenters

Gabby McCutchen

Gabby McCutchen

Gabby McCutchen is Assistant Vice President for Academics and Guided Career Pathways at Durham Technical Community College in Durham, North Carolina. She is also an Ed.D. candidate at North Carolina State University where she is working on a dissertation on community college faculty perceptions of their role and their institutions' role in closing equity gaps. In her 18 years of service at Durham Tech, she has served as full-time faculty, coordinator, chair, assistant dean, dean, and director for the Teaching-Learning Center. She was a 2013 Semifinalist for the Excellence in Teaching First-Year Seminars, an award granted by National Resource Center for First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, and a 2007 recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award at Durham Tech.

Adult Learning Theory: Primer and Practice

Monday, August 8 at 1:00 PM

Adult learning theory, or andragogy, is a useful way for teachers to consider the needs of their students and organize their teaching strategies to meet those needs.  It is an incredibly rich field of study with a seemingly endless number of new theories and approaches to teaching, including self-directed learning and transformational learning. This interactive presentation provides a primer on adult learning theory and focuses on 10 teaching strategies grounded in adult learning theory. Participants will leave the presentation with teaching strategies they can put into practice immediately and a list of new ideas to explore further.


Todd Zakrajsek

Todd D. Zakrajsek, PHD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at UNC - Chapel Hill. Todd was a tenured associate professor of psychology and built faculty development efforts at three universities before joining UNC. In addition to his work at UNC, providing resources for faculty on various topics related to teaching/learning, leadership, and scholarly activity, Todd serves on many educationally-related boards and work groups. Journal of Excellence in College Teaching, International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, College Teaching, Education in the Health Professions. Todd has consulted with organizations such as The American Council on Education (ACE), Lenovo Computer, Microsoft, Harvard, and the Gates Foundation. He has delivered keynote addresses and campus workshops at over 300 conferences and university campuses. Todd’s recently co-authored books include The New Science of Learning (2nd Ed) (2019); Dynamic Lecturing (2017); and Teaching for Learning (2015). Follow and connect with Todd on Twitter @toddzakrajsek and LinkedIn.

Five Practices that Cultivate an Inclusive Classroom
Wednesday, August 10 at 10:15 AM


Believing that diversity is important does not guarantee one teaches in a way that is equitable and inclusive. Inclusive teaching begins with an awareness that there are many perspectives and that each perspective matters. Faculty who aspire to increase equity and inclusivity constantly strive to provide opportunities for all students to be successful. Providing such opportunities does not reduce the extent to which students learn or the standards you hold for your course. Rather, the focus shifts to finding ways to help all motivated students to have the opportunity to learn. In this session, we will look at five practices that help establish an inclusive classroom climate in any discipline.