2022 Presenters & Sessions

#MissionSuccess: Using popular culture to increase student interest and motivation!

Joshua L. Seery

Walnut Hill College

A (or B) for Effort: A Labor-Based Grading Case Study

Meghan Owenz

Pennsylvania State University

An Exploratory Study of Improving Success in Calculus (I)with an Illustrated Workbook

Maryam Kiani & Lara AbdelAhad

Pennsylvania State University

Are Time or Page Views Correlated with Higher Student Performance?

John Griffith & Emily Faulconer

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Assessing Creative Thinking in the Life Sciences Classroom

Erica Kosal

North Carolina State University

Brain Based Learning: Active Learning Strategies to Improve Engagement

F. Trey Mireles

Madison College

Building Student Resilience Through Challenges in the Service-Learning Classroom

Melissa Landers-Potts, Paul Matthews, Allison Injaian, Kathy Thompson, & Jon Calabria

University of Georgia

Building Well Aligned Courses using Performance Based Objectives

Shruti Gadkari & Caroline McCarty

Pacific University

COVID-19 VS. Academia: Through the Students' Perspectives in Online Learning

Dawn Lundin &
Micah Benjamin

Northern Michigan University

Challenging "Dysfunctional Illusions of Rigor" for More Effective Student Learning

Gregg Wentzell

Miami University

Co-creating Teaching and Learning: Giving Students Choice and Voice

Brenda L. Thomas

Florida Gulf Coast University

Community That Cares: Rolling Out A First-Year Course During COVID-19

Madeleine Holland

University of Texas Austin

Competency Over Content: Formulas for Comparative Analysis in Any Discipline

Rose Trentinella

University of Tampa

Concept Maps: An Effective Study Tool for Student Success

Tammy Legge & Abbey Holthaus

Belmont University

Course Design to Support Learning and Wellness

Victoria DeSensi

Wilmington College

Create Interesting Online Discussions at higher levels of Blooms Taxonomy!

John Griffith

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Creating Academic Supports for Fraternities: Fantasy Grades Challenge

Wesley Adam Stroud & Casey Domnick

Oklahoma State University

Creating a Learning Environment for the 5th Industrial Revolution

Crystal Loose, Rose Jagielo-Manion, & Michael Ryan

West Chester University

Creating a Pop-Up Museum: A Project-Based Service-Learning Experience

Kerrin Wolf & Michele Previti

Stockton University

Creating to Learn: Expressive Arts Exercises for Social Science Classrooms

Zoe Antoinette Eddy

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Democratic, Constructivist-Based Curriculum Development Process for Facilitating Student Intrinsic Motivation

Dan Drmacich

Pochedytrer City School District

Designing, Implementing, and Assessing Open and OER-Enabled Pedagogy

Agnieszka Chwialkowska

University of West Georgia

Engaging Students in Research

Katie Morales, Modupe Adewuyi & Cindy Johnson

University of West Georgia & Kennesaw State University

Engaging Students on Day 1 Using a Collaborative Syllabus Design

Meghan Owenz

Pennsylvania State University

Faculty Fellowships to Support Teaching, Learning, and Faculty Careers

Keith Pacholl & Rod McCrae

University of West Georgia

How Do I Get Around?: Onboarding Instruction for Online Learning

Anne Jewett

University of Virginia

How We Argue: Visualizing Reasoning to Equitably Advance Learning

Aidan Kestigian

Thinker Analytix

How to Host an Interprofessional Academic Book Club

Daniel Verbit & Chris Pastore

Jefferson University

Implementing a Creativity-Focused Core to Enhance Learning Across Disciplines

Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel,
Anahid Modrek, &
Dana Scott

Jefferson University

Incorporating Metacognitive Elements into Your Pedagogy to Advancing Student Learning

Dana Scott

Jefferson University

Interdisciplinary and Critical Constructs in Core Education

Brittney Beth Drummond &
Carrie Carmack

University of West Georgia

Key Design Features of an HIV Webcourses for Deepened Learning

Su-I Hou

University of Central Florida

Know Thyself: Using Directed Self-Placement to Understand Students’ Prior Learning

Rich Lane & Leah Chambers

Clarion University

Liminal learning: Strategies for enhancing the pedagogy of meta-space(s)

Michael Tews

Pennsylvania State University

Make Humanized Your Modality

Kim Vincent-Layton & Brett Christie

Humboldt State University
O'Donnell Learn

March Madness: Disease Edition

Meredith Rowe

Gardner-Webb University

Maximize Learning Guides: Helping Students Achieve the Skill of Learning

Abbey Holthaus & Tammy Legge

Belmont University

Mission Success: Creating a Culture of Positivity!

Joshua L. Seery

Walnut Hill College

Multimodal Formative Assessments: Harnessing Student Creativity for Deeper Learning

Jessica Masterson

Washington State University

Professionalism 101: Is Showing Up Really Optional?

Jessica Nevitt

Indiana University

Promoting DEI through a Class Intersectionality Activity

Daphne Thompson

Johnson & Wales University Charlotte

Self-Assessment Grading: A Cautionary Tale

Kathy Dixon

Arizona State University

Shock Waves: Rethinking Faculty Resilience in the Post-COVID age

Roxanne Atterholt

Pennsylvania State University

Steps to Develop Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Projects

Sonia Kapur

UNC Asheville

Stories -The Ultimate Lecture Hack

Lynn Meade

University of Arkansas

Teaching By Design: Knowledge Processing in the College Classroom

Leah Chambers & Rich Lane

Clarion University

Teaching Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Through Engagement

Jeanne Dulworth

West Carolina University

Teaching Traumatized Generations: Understanding Moral Injury Can Help Course Design

Michael Berntsen & Jeff Smith

UNC Pembroke

Teaching is the Art of Persuasion: Building Connection

Lynn Meade

University of Arkansas

Technology-enabled Active Learning in General Education

Emily Faulconer

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

The Connection Between Teaching Writing and Being a Teacher-Writer

Madeline Saenz-Payne

California State University, Stanislaus

Using Teacher Leadership Strengths to Build Community and Transform Online Learning

Kari D. Henry Hulett & Maria Gray

Northeastern State University

Using the RISE Model to Increase Quality of Graduate Peer-to-Peer Feedback

Michelle Bartlett,
Carrol Warren, &
Suzanne Ehrlich

North Carolina State University, University of North Florida

Utilizing Mastermind Groups to Foster Peer-to-Peer Collaboration, Learning and Engagement

Adam Owenz

Albright College

Walking the Talk: Experiential Learning and Faculty Learning Communities

Ronald Erdei,
Carmen Farrell,
Amy Leaphart,
Libby Ricardo,
Dawn Robinson, &
Murray Skees

University of South Carolina Beaufort

What do students want? Student Perspectives on Online Classroom Engagement

Cheri Ketchum, Chelsey Yeats, & Daria LaFave

University of Arizona Global Campus

Who Dunnit? Utilizing a "Clue-Based" Game in a Toxicology Course

Amy-Joan Ham,
Angela Clauson, &
Kelley Kiningham

Belmont University

“Yes, and” Communication: Improv Exercises for the Classroom

James Al-Shamma & Shawn Knight

Belmont University